Canadian Infrared uses the highest end infrared technology complimented with unparalleled experience and expertise in order to identify and diagnose fugitive emissions.  Our experience in detecting gas leaks provides accurate emissions testing of leaking and venting fugitive emissions while continuing to preserve safety standards, and cost effective strategies.  Our highly trained experts are capable of identifying the exact source of hydrocarbon fugitive emissions.


Canadian Infrared uses only the most qualified, highest level technology available to detect, measure, and quantify the presence and leak rates of methane and hydrocarbon fugitive emissions. We use the FLIR GF320 for methane and VOC emissions detection, paired with the Providence Photonics QL320 optical gas imaging system to measure leak rates of methane, VOC, and fugitive hydrocarbon emissions.  Our technology does not require close contact with the gas to accurately measure emission leak rates, making it safer to quantify gas leaks. 

With the addition of Directive 60 coming into effect as of January 1, 2020, Canadian Infrared is here to help all of our clients stay in compliance with all regulatory requirements outlined in the Directive 60 timeline.


  • Efficient, safe, and cost-effective  hydrocarbon fugitive emission detection and diagnosis​ inspections 
  • ​Compliance with hazardous workplace safety standards
  • ​Identification of fugitive emission in prior unsafe or inaccessible areas
  • ​Qualified experts and equipment tailored to each specific scenario